IAM acceptor


The In-App Monitoring Library (IAM) collects performance measurements in the App. These measurements are forwarded to an IAM acceptor either directly after the measurement is complete, or in batches at a later time. This behavior depends on the configuration on the IAM and the current state of the network (e.g. connectivity yes/no, roaming yes/no, wifi yes/no). The end-point (URL) of the IAM acceptor will be specified by the developer of the App, and can be a server of the owner of the App or a third party like WatchMouse.

The measurements wil be dispatched to the Acceptor using a HTTP POST operation. The measurements are sent as a JSON array (see Measurement Data section below), which is placed in the body of the POST request. The content-type of the body shall be application/jsonrequest
The result of the POST operation is a JSON object, specified below (section Acceptor Response).

[WM Acceptor end-point here]